Visa in Russia

1. Documents for visa

2. Requirements for each type of visa

Tourist visa: travel procedures are made by travel agencies. If you want to travel, you must register for passport, pay. Validity of the visa depends on the duration of the tour, but does not exceed 6 months.

Work visa: working visa is issued by companies. The company submits to the Regulatory Regulatory Authorities of the provincial level for quotas (cota) before May every year. Every July, the provincial council reviews proposals and approves them in Moscow on the basis of local quotas. With the approved quota (quotas), the Immigration agency allows companies to invite people to work. After arriving in Russia, the company must go to the immigration registration office. Maximum visa valid for 1 year. In order to continue working, workers must leave the border and must go back to the procedure.

Student visa: to study abroad, citizens must sign a training agreement with educational institutions. Based on the contract, it is easy to study at the training institutions in the Russian Federation. Student visas are updated by the school every year and are not exported abroad.

Visas to visit relatives: Russian citizens easily invite Vietnamese people to visit relatives with the condition of having at least 80 thousand rubles (1 USD = 53.56 rubles) in the bank account at the time of making the invitation. Officials of diplomatic missions and consulates can invite relatives to visit relatives. Vietnamese citizens invite relatives to visit relatives by visa just like a work visa.

Support of missions: representatives can gather all requests for labor contracts of Vietnamese companies, as a diplomatic note asking regional / provincial governments to grant quotas (quotas). Representatives can meet with government agencies to support companies seeking quotas (quotas) and favorable visas.

There is no airport fee in the Russian Federation.

3. Requirements for papers


From December 1, 2016, the deadline to review Vietnamese documents to receive a tourist visa is 20 ivory. Those wishing to make a tourist visa must go directly to the Consular Department to answer the interview.


In order to enter the Russian Federation, Vietnamese citizens with ordinary passports must promptly apply for a visa at one of the Russian consular representative offices in Vietnam (in Hanoi, Da Nang, HCMC).

The visa is not issued at the border. Visas are made for each entry. Visas are valid to reach specific locations within a certain time (by invitation). The visa application must be submitted by the applicant himself.

The consular representative of the Russian Federation does not issue visas to other countries of the Union.

Vietnamese citizens carry diplomatic passports and official passports that can enter and stay in Russia for visa exemption within 90 days.

The reasons for refusing to provide visas:

The consular authority has the right not to explain the reasons for refusing to provide visas.