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Discover Russia: Moscow - Saint Petersburg (6 days - 5 nights)

Discover Russia: Moscow - Saint Petersburg (6 days - 5 nights)

(6 days 5 nights)

The journey to discover Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg departing from Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh will take you to discover the beautiful land of birch with architecture that harmoniously combines classical and modern, in addition to It is a rich and diverse cuisine that will create memorable experiences for you.

Day 01 : Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh – Moscow – Saint Petersburg

07h00 : Tour guide picks up guests at the international departure hall of Noi Bai / Tan Son Nhat airport for a flight to Moscow at 10:05 / 10:55.

16h05 / 17h30 : Delegation landed at Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow, procedures to connect to Saint Petersburg.

Sankt-Petersburg - The ancient capital of the Russian Federation, the second largest city of Russia. Sankt-Petersburg is located on a series of small islands in the delta of the Neva River - connected to the Gulf of Finland, so it has created a great position for the port of Sankt-Petersburg.

Evening: Late at night, the group landed at Pulkovo airport, car and HDV take you to the hotel to check in and rest.

Day 02 : Saint Petersburg (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Morning: After breakfast, depart for Pushkin city to visit:

Catherine II's Palace Amber Room: An extremely famous artifact in the world, gifted to the Russian Tsar by the King of Prussia. During World War II, it was dismantled by the Nazis, later reproduced by the Russian government.

Ekaterina II Palace

Afternoon : Afternoon: Group is free to shop at Nevsky Avenue with famous brands or buy more open tours of the company.

Hint: Summer Palace (Peterhof). The palace is always proud of its beautiful name - Versailles of Russia. If Saint Petersburg is a city that carries within itself the splendid, synchronous and ancient beauty of ancient European cities, the Summer Palace is the crystallization of that splendor, nobility and luxury. It was the summer getaway of the tsars, the city of palaces, parks and fountains.

Dinner:  Dinner and overnight at 4* Dostevsky hotel or similar. Free time to explore the city or buy more open tours of the company.

Suggestion: Sankt-Petersburg by night: Visit the city at night by boat, go along the Neva River  through small canals, watch the bridge open at night so that  commercial ships can pass from the sea to enter. city.

Day 03 : Saint-Petersburg – Moscow  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Morning: After breakfast, visit the city:

Nevsky Avenue: The oldest central street of Sankt-Petersburg with famous fashion brands. Isaacs Cathedral: Is one of the 4 largest round roof churches in the world. The church has about 3,000 paintings made by joining small pieces of stone together, with a dome inlaid with gold. Total area of ​​​​11000m2 with a capacity of 12000 people. Church on Blood, Kazan Church (Photographed outside)

Church of the Savior on Blood

Rang Dong battleship: Symbol of the Russian revolution (Photographed outside) Peter & Paul Fortress: You visit and take pictures outside the river. The fortress was built in 1730 on Hare island located on the north bank of the Neva River. After lunch, visit the Hermitage Museum - also known as the Winter Palace. The Hermitage is one of the largest museums in the world that still stores and displays a huge amount of more than 3 million works of human art from the time of Queen Catherine II and is compared to the Louvre museum in Paris. p>

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