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Three Russian capitals: Moscow + Saint-Petersburg + Kazan

Three Russian capitals: Moscow + Saint-Petersburg + Kazan


(8 days / 7 nights)

Day 01: Hello Saint-Petersburg

The plane landed at Pulkovo airport. Immigration procedures

Car and tour guide pick you up, take you back to the city, have dinner at a restaurant.

After dinner: Guests return to the hotel to check in overnight.

Day 02: Saint Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel. The car takes you to visit Pushkin village, visit Ekaterinina Palace, in the palace guests will see with their own eyes the Amber room, an extremely famous artifact in the world, which was dismantled during the war by the Nazis. bad is later restored. You visit outside the palace and Ekaterinina park.

After lunch:Visit Pavlovsk Park (3 km from Pushkin) recognized as a world heritage site built in 1782—1796, the park is 543 hectares wide.

18:30 Pick up the group to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant - 20:00 Return to the hotel

Day 03: Saint Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel. Car and guide pick you up to visit Peterhof (Summer Palace) - 50km from Sankt-Petersburg. Visit the park built by Petra I in 1723, in addition to the grandeur of the palace with 300m length of the reception room, you can also see the golden statues, fountains and beautiful scenery of the park campus facing out. Gulf of Finland..

After lunch. You go to visit Kronstat Island. In this city you will visit the monument of Pie the Great, visit Kronstat square, the monument of Great Admiral Makarov, visit St. Nikolai church. Visit Saint-Petersburg's sea crossing road, considered the work of the century, stretching over the sea 25.4km, built over 20 years.

Bus pick up the group to have dinner at the restaurant. You return to the hotel

Day 04: Saint-Petersburg – Moscow

Breakfast at the hotel. Delegation to check-out procedures.

City tour program with: NEVSKY grand block, art square..... Smolnui Church, Second Ekaterina Monument, First Nicholas Monument, Christ the Savior Church (outside), “Strelka- Vasiliev island", Kazan church, the tomb of Marshal Kutuzov.... You visit the square and the church of St. Isaac. Issac is one of the 4 largest round roof churches in the world. The church has about 3,000 paintings assembled from small pieces of stone together, with a dome inlaid with real gold (approximately 100kg) at a height of nearly 100m, with 112 large, soaring columns typical of ants. European architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries With a total area of ​​11000m² (inner area - 4000m²) the church has a capacity of 12,000 people.

The delegation visited the "summer garden", the park was built in the 14th century. It is the oldest park of the city of Sankt-Petersburg

Have lunch at a Russian restaurant. Delegation to the station, depart for the fast train to Moscow. .

Arriving at the station, the car and tour guide will welcome the group to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.. Overnight at the hotel

Day 05: Moscow - Kazan

Breakfast at the hotel, check out procedures

09:30 Car takes you to visit Moscow: visit outside the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral with famous artworks, you will visit GUM department store, admire the panorama outside Lenin's Mausoleum, Alexandrovsky Garden, Monument to the Unknown Martyrs, visit the underground supermarket in the heart of the Kremlin.

Continue to visit the inside of the Kremlin Palace, where historical relics of a precursor of Russia are kept today: churches, bell towers, King Cannons, King Bells...

After lunch visit the home of the savior. Visit the tram system known as the underground labyrinth of Moscow. The program continues to visit Victory Square Poklonnaya Gora, visit Round Picture - Borodino battle of General Cutuzov (Russia) with Napoleon (France) in 1812. Visit Vorobievu hill (Sparrow hill - Lenin hill), National University named after Lomonoxov (MGU)

Freedom for shopping, walking.. Dinner at a restaurant. Delegation to the station, depart for the city of Kazan. (Overnight on the train)

Day 06: Kazan

Car and tour guide pick up the group to the hotel. Lunch and rest.

Kazan City Tour: Enjoy the natural beauty of Kazan, witness the vibrant colors of the streets and squares with your own eyes, know where the treasures are hidden of kings elsewhere when you come to Kazan, you will

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