Moscow Zoo

Guests have the opportunity to see countless large and small creatures in Russia's largest zoo, an ideal entertainment venue for both children and adults for hours.

Moscow Zoo is home to more than 5,000 animals, containing many interesting things for all visitors. Regardless of whether visitors like to watch butterflies, bears, jaguars or llamas, get closer to these exotic animals and learn more about them.

The brainchild of Professor A.P. Bogadanov, the zoo was founded in 1864. At the famous peak period, each year the zoo attracts 200,000 people to watch the animals reside here, typically lions and tigers. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the zoo fell into serious degradation. Many wars took place here in the Russian Revolution 1905. After a period of degradation under the leadership of the Soviet government, the zoo experienced a series of renovations in 1991, 1997 and 2014 respectively. Now this pleasant space is home to more than 750 different species.

Look for the typical entrance of the zoo, built on the 850 anniversary of Moscow in 1997. On the way to the zoo, keep in mind the rustic stone works and ancient towers, giving the building an appearance like a mysterious stone castle. Go through the gate to see countless animals inside. Among the prominent attractions near the entrance include underground observation decks that allow visitors to watch penguins and sea lions playing in the water.

Stop forgetting to visit the Far Eastern leopard that is exceptionally beautiful and in danger of extinction. Only a few dozen natural creatures of this type still exist in the wild in Russia, China and Korea. Other tigers that inhabit the zoo include rare white tigers and Siberian tigers, another Russian native animal. Both polar bears and brown bears also live in zoos. Visitors can observe these species from a safe and convenient location.

Special facilities and activities in the zoo guarantee to attract young travelers. Go to the zoo and watch the chickens peck the eggshell out. Learn more about Russia's fascinating fairy tales when coming here, many of which are the main characters of chickens, cats and goats.

Moscow zoo has an entrance fee. Visitors can catch the subway to Barrikadnaya station and then move to this area. The zoo is open daily except Mondays.