Ostankino TV Tower

Ostankino TV Tower is a prominent destination in Russia. At 540m in height, weighing 32,000 tons and the foundation of over 55,000 tons of foundation, Ostankino is among the highest buildings in the world.

Ostankino TV tower and records

In 1957, the Russian government adopted the construction of the tower. But in 1963 the new building was built, the process took place within 4 years from 1963-1967. At that time Ostankino was considered the tallest tower in the world. But at the present time the world's fifth-largest tower after the Burji Halifa skyscraper in Dubai is 828m high, KVLY-TV radio tower in the US 629m, Guangzhou TV tower in China 610m high, transmission tower CN tower image in Canada is 553m high. In 2000, the building was on fire, and at that time, the idea of repairing the tower with the renovation turned it into the tallest TV tower in the world, but that idea was not adopted.

Ostankino TV Tower

Ostankino's design was devised by Nikitin after only 1 night. The original model of the tower is taken from the image of a mixed flower in the middle - with thick petals, hard flower stalks. According to the original design, Ostankino will have 4 pillars. Following the advice of engineer Fritza Leonhardt - author of the world's first concrete tower at Stugart, the number of pillars has increased to 10.

Ostankino is a popular tourist attraction in Russia and is considered the symbol of Moscow city. When traveling to Russia, visitors can see the whole city of Moscow from two positions of the tower: One is an indoor observation area - at an altitude of 337m and the second is an outdoor area - in a high position slightly. Inside the tower, there is a restaurant "7th cloud floor" located at an altitude of 328-334m. The restaurant has 3 floors: Gold, Silver, Dong. The positions sitting close to the window in the circle area will rotate around the axis of the tower at a speed of 1-2 rounds in 40 minutes.

Every year, there is a climbing staircase of 337m in the tower. The fastest climbing record was recorded at the moment 11 minutes 55 seconds.