Pushkin Museum

To the land of birch Russia will have a lot of Russian tourist sites for tourists to visit Russia to visit. It has great architectural works, churches, towers, squares, towns ... and one of the architectural works that we cannot help but mention the Puskin Art Museum. Pushkin Museum was built in 1898 and completed in 1912, the famous museum is one of the largest exhibition spaces in Europe. Currently the museum owns more than 670,000 paintings, along with drawings and many sculptures, along with archaeological relics and medals.

August 29, 1898 Alexander III was recognized as the National Museum of Fine Art called Puskin. In order to establish this museum, the greatest merit was that of Professor Ivan Vlađimidôvích Svêtaép (1847-1913). Visiting this museum called Puskin, we can't help but remember the Paris Louvre.

The Museum of Puskin has long been seen as a place to meet and dialogue and exchange between different cultures. For the past 100 years, Pushkin Art Museum has organized more than 1,200 exhibitions to showcase exhibits from its treasures, which are collected from various museums in Russia. , and from many foreign museums. Visiting the museum you will find here the treasures from the tomb of Faraon Tutankhamun in Egypt, the masterpieces of Raphael "Our Lady of Sistine" and the work of "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, and many Other works of Caravaggio and Rembrandt.

Visiting the Puskin Museum you can not only see the art works, but also witness the development of human civilization through different historical periods. The reconstructed versions were excellent and it also facilitated the Moscow people in particular, the Russians in general and all the tourists to visit to enjoy, admire the famous works of art on the world without spending much time and effort to travel around the world's art museums.

Go to the first museum where visitors stop to visit is the Greek art space in ancient times. The Parthenon Temple in Greece was rebuilt with very small plaster but the texture was very sophisticated. This temple was made of white stone, was burned and this is also the subject of the famous Russian "Temple of Fire" play. In addition, visiting the museum also shows that the presence of the Acropolis arena model is quite dilapidated, yet it is still a famous scenic spot in the city of Aten (Greece). In a corner of the museum, people also display two pillars of the Parthenon temple, which are made of true size.

When the step of Egyptian art - Bizantine - Babylon - India, you will see that every time also contains precious antiques with many historical significance.

Perhaps in all the exhibits, there is Renaissance art which is most interested. Here you can find the artist of the 17th century - Rembrandt, and the painter Italya such as Nicolas Poussin, Leonard De Vinci, Domenico Fetti ..., along with the artists and sculptors of France such as Pierre Lepautre ... In addition there are also exhibitions of modern-day art, contemporary art and Russian art.

In May, Russia held a Gala concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pushkin Museum of Visual Art. Entering the new era with new developments, the Puskin Museum is increasingly expanding and along with measuring visitors to visit can be more accessible. Russian authorities are planning to build a more spacious complex and build new buildings to raise the scale of the museum.

In the near future, the Puskin Art Museum will be increasingly developed, especially in the museum's collection, which will collect more, especially Oriental art works, such as China and Japan, and most are works related to Buddhism, an extremely important part of civilization and human art.

So if you have the opportunity to set foot in ancient Russia, visit the Puskin Museum to learn more about painting and admire the marvels of famous artists all over the world that are on display at here.