Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi theater is a historical theater in Moscow, Russia. Under the agreement of Queen Catherine, in 1776, Prince Pyotr Urusov built a theater in the center of the city with the aim of serving the needs of everyone's enjoyment of art, first of all nobility in Russia at that time.

Like many other great works in Russia, the Bolshoi big theater has experienced many ups and downs. With three consecutive fires in 1805, the national defense war of 1812 and 1853. Now, when you buy a plane ticket to Russia and come here, you will see the new Bolshoi building inaugurated in 1856.

Over 200 years of history of existence and development, the Bolshoi historical theater has witnessed the growth and maturity of so many artists in the world of music and ballet. Also, at a time when European continents were immersed in civil wars, foreign invasion became Bolshoi's largest artistic capital at that time.

The nearest built Bolshoi theater is still not as original. Therefore, in 2005, these famous Russian cultural managers gave reinvented. It was not until 6 years later (ie 2011) that the project was recently renovated with a budget of over 700 million USD to improve the quality sound system and inherent royal decorations and space. its.

Today, the theater is known as the parent company headquarters Bolshoi Ballet Academy - the world's leading ballet dance university. If you come here and want to watch opera or dance concerts then recommend that you book tickets in advance to avoid your situation!

Discover inside Bolshoi Opera House.

Interesting things start when you have not even set foot inside the Bolshoi theater. When you arrive in front of the theater, you will have to utter astonished when you see the magnificent fountain and giant columns leading here. Not only that, when you look up, you will see the familiar image of the statue of Apollo god in the carriage-pulling posture that you were caught on every Russian ruble of 100 rubles.

Going through that stately image, you will begin to enter the theater. If anyone wonders about the origin of the name "Bolshoi", when you enter inside, you will get the results immediately. Because this theater is really "big", as its name is. With a height of 21 m and a width of 26 m, the hearing room can accommodate up to 2,153 spectators, not to mention that there are up to six floors of chairs that are enchanted with light, indispensable for the luxurious atmosphere exuded here.

Just look up, you will easily see the magnificent chandelier and countless lively murals that stand out on the vast Bolshoi theater ceiling. These works are always beautiful and perfect whether there are sparkling lights or not. All these magnificent details make it a place to visit and enjoy the ideal Russian art of every traveler when they arrive in the beautiful Aries country.