In the hotel room in the Russian Federation often do not equip personal items such as sandals, combs, brushes & toothpaste, razors, shampoo ... You should bring from Vietnam for the customs of natives.

Most hotels have PAY TIVI service (showing adult entertainment films). If you do not see, please DO NOT press the PAY button, if you press the button then you do not see it, you still have to pay for the hotel. The lowest price is 25 USD / movie.

It is possible in some hotels that use the mini robot system (refrigerator containing automatic food), if not used, do not press the button to get the products, in case the button to get food is not returned because the machine has already charged.

Check-in time is usually 14-15h00 and check-out time is usually 12h00.

The 3 - 4 star hotel in Russia offers a free room baggage allowance as in Asian countries. Usually the cost for this service is about 8-10 $ / 1 valy.

The hotel is comfortable and convenient according to the tour

You can book hotels after available tours (or other hotels upon request):


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Отели 3*

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