Customs declaration — immigration

Guests who fly to Russia will have to enter immigration procedures at the Russian border gate, after receiving their luggage.

When entering immigration procedures, Russia is a country that values culture in public places, so when you do procedures at the airport, you should not jostle, push, but must wait after the red line of Russian customs. When entering the country, visitors will have an entry paper, which is very important to you after each passport. During your stay in Russia, if you do not have an entry permit, you will not be able to stay here.

When entering Russia, each guest will have 1 entry paper. This sheet is very important (ranked 2nd after the passport) during the time you return to Russia. Without entry paper, you will not be allowed to stay at the hotel.  “Migration card” based on the passport, the Russian customs police will make and distribute it to each customer when you arrive at Moscow airport and make entry procedures to Russia.

You do immigration procedures in Russia, after receiving enough baggage, your HDV team goes out. Car and hdv point to pick you up at the airport, take you to dinner for a rest.

When leaving Russia guests and head of the delegation to note Russian.

If you bring foreign currency below 7,000 USD, you will be exempt from customs declaration.  Over 7,000 USD must be declared to customs. 

New cameras, unused cameras ... worth over US $ 500 must be declared to avoid taxation when returning to Vietnam.
Vietnamese guests only need to bring Passport (+ VISA) longer than 6 months when going abroad.